Most people prefer the four inch trowel. For some obscure reason these are often more expensive than an six inch archaeology trowel. The  WHS ‘premier’ has a rubberised grip, but most archaeologists stick to the wooden handled trowels.


Item Price and Vendor
WHS 4″ Premier Pointing Trowel £13.49 + P&P (incl. VAT)
6 Inch Marshalltown Pointing Trowel £13.99+ p&p
WHS S/J1114 111 POINTING TROWEL 4IN 11104L £10.33 plus VAT
7 Inch Marshalltown Archeology Pointing Trowel US$9.95 plus tax and shipping
WHS 4″ Solid Roll-Forged Pointing Trowel £10.00 inc vat
Marshalltown 6 inch Brick Trowel £9.99 Chiswick Plumbing Supplies, Chiswick High Road, LONDON