Touch the stones at Stonehenge

The people at English Heritage are not evil. They don’t wake up and think, “Who can we upset today.” However, for the last 20 years or so hordes of visitors have gone to Stonehenge and come away upset. Visitors to this great national monument get disappointed because they are kept at least 10 metres from the stones at all times.

The reason is concern that too many people were chipping bits of Stonehenge away and taking them home. Before visitors were kept away we were actually losing several kilogrammes of heritage every year.

So now everyone has to stay behind the wire and look at the megaliths from afar.

…Well not everyone. English Heritage don’t want to police their monuments. They would rather let us wander all over them if we could promise to be good.

Well, we can make the promise and if we do it right, they will actually let us in. Being part of an organisation, whether amateur or professional is really all it takes.

English Heritage allow bre-booked groups who can get up early enough to arrive at 8.00am to wander at will around the stones.

So, get in a group and phone and ask. Set the alarm and get an up-close experience of Stonehenge for yourself.

The henge that we walk around today was completed about 3500 years ago. However, the monument was approximately 2000 years old back then. This really is a very ancient monument indeed.