Mick Aston

The striped jumpers and warm Oldbury accent of Archaeologist Mick Aston made him a well known and much loved presence on British televisions throughout the 1990s and 2000s on the channel four programme Time Team.

Working as a professional archaeologist since 1970, Mick authored books, lectured and dug across the south of England, but it was his appearances on Time Team gave him international exposure.

In this role he inspired a generation of archaeologists, leading to a massive growth in numbers of people who took up the trowel. What we learned from Mick was that a calm, thoughtful friendly approach was one to be emulated and that a child like enthusiasm for the unknown was a thing to be savoured. He gave joy and knowledge to millions imparting his understanding that the subject can be interesting and enjoyable on television where previously it had been avoided by tv shows as too dry and academic.

Mick died in June 2013 leaving a legacy of a profession that has never been so well regarded and a love of history and archaeology in the population at large that has never been so huge.

Photo Credit The Guardian